Vadey. The crispy-yummy-healthy dessert among Malaysian which is originated from Malaysian-Indian recipe. It's made of soaked-grinded Dhal, that is later spiced up with Dried Chili, Onion, Curry Leaf & special herbs. Call it for snack, have it served to your guests or even to satisfy your cravings. Famous among Malaysian, why it wouldn't be for you? Don't test your patience with it. You're going to lose control to its subtle spicy taste, yet crunchy! Crunch now!


- Dhal
- Onion
- Dried Chili
- Curry Leaf
- Salt
- Cumin Seed
- Fennel Seed
- Vegetable Cooking Oil

Frozen: Fried Vadey (10 pieces per pack)

SKU: FV-single
  • Freezer to Fryer. No defrost is needed. For deep fryer, soak Kuih in pre-heated cooking oil until golden brown. For frying pan, turn the Kuih upside down every 40 seconds to obtain uniform colour & heat distribution of each sides. Recommended of total time of frying is 4-6 minutes with low-medium heat.

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