Gendang Gendut Tali Kecapi,

Kenyang Perut Senang Hati,

Simpul Kasih Nama Diberi, 

Keenakkannya Menambat Hati.



A crunchy Malaysian Traditional Snack, made of Spring Roll, Anchovy, Chili & few other secret ingredients that would never dissapoint your craving. Specially hand-crafted into beautiful ribbon-shape every single pieces for you. Perfectly fried & tossed, an irresistable crispy golden brown is the quality that we serve you. Taste our Premium Simpul Kasih or regret the rest of your life for not taking it. You know the answer. For sure!

Kuih Simpul Kasih - Single, Proudly Plump & Don't Care


1 Tube:

Single, Slim & Charming

(...and Looking).


1 Tube:

Single, Proudly Plump & Don't Care

(...and Looking).


2 Tubes:

Newly Wed

(Still Slim & Charming But Married)


2 Tubes:

Happily Ever After

(Married Though & Roundy Lil Bit)

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